Infants– It’s never too early. Aside from nurturing, singing and reading, we encourage learning by providing new opportunities for babies to use their small and large motor skills. Using objects that will encourage them to reach, grab, pull and roll.

Toddlers– A time when tiny tots explore their world around them, we offer purposeful play for their limitless curiosity. A few examples are creative expressions, using materials like clay, crayons, glue, paper. The world of make-believe, using props, puppets, and other interactive games.

PreschoolersРAlong with creative expressions we prepare our preschoolers for kindergarten by teaching foundational literacy and math skills. Our children learn letter-sound relationships, sight word recognition and much more.

After Schools– Our after-school children, ages- 5-11 an array of activities, from science experiments to creative arts. Homework help is also provided.